Christopher Theodule Is Scrap-It!’s Strongman

If you’ve had Scrap-It! to you home to remove and recycle your junk, you probably know team member Christopher Theodule. That’s especially true if you had large items being disposed of, such as a couch or piano.

How would you know Christopher? Simple: he’s the guy with the muscles who gets called in to the oversized jobs. And he loves it.

“I go out and do the heavy lifting with the team,” Christopher says. “I’m a pretty strong guy so I am able to help with most of the heavy lifting that’s required. I take pride in that because it was through the Army that I was able to develop my strength. Because of my size, I was forced to do the heavy lifting so I am able to apply it with Scrap-It!

“It’s a great experience for sure. I am able to get a decent workout while doing this job and that’s a great thing, especially when we have four-floor walk-ups.”

Christopher and a friend joined the Army in 2009, which helped make the transition from civilian life a little easier.

“I joined because I didn’t really have much direction in my life, and felt that I needed to do something with myself instead of staying home and doing nothing. I enlisted as an Air Defense Radar Operator, which is considered an intelligence job. It was an interesting job that allowed me to learn a set of skills that is really only marketed to the military.

“I served for four years and spent one of those years overseas in Afghanistan, and was part of a medic team.”

Scrap-It! founder Orville Davis recruited Christopher two years ago. There was a job that required a muscular man, and Christopher said “Yes.”

“There was a big job in Brooklyn that he needed help with, so he asked me if I was available to help, and I said, ‘Sure!’ From that point on, I was part of the team helping with the bigger jobs.”

Christopher also has another job: earning an Engineering degree from New York Institute of Technology. He started the program in 2006, but didn’t complete it at that time. Now he’s back and more determined than ever.

“I am back in school looking to finish what I started years ago. So far, I am doing very well and continue to push toward my goals.”

No doubt Christopher will complete what he has begun. That’s why his teammates call him a real “goal-getter.”

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