What to do with that Pizza Box, Burger Wrapper and Hot Sauce Packet

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Nobody!

Who never recycled a pizza box?

Most of us, I’m sure, if we asked for a show of hands.

Actually, it’s not hard to do, if you carefully inspect the box. What are you looking for? Anywhere on the box that has grease stains or pizza bits stuck on it. That portion of the box is not recyclable. The “clean” surface is, and you can easily cut away the good from the bad, and toss it in your paper recycling container. Pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, the material tons of paper products are made of, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Easy, right? Yes, but only if you take the time. And by the way, even the box’s greasy surfaces are compostable. Mozzarella Cheese Roses, anyone?

On a larger scale, fast-food purveyors are finally getting the message. Burger King has announced that it is entering the world of recycling, too. Eight items used for packaging and eating will soon be made from recycled materials. They include forks, spoons, knives, straws, drink lids, french fry containers, Whopper wrappers and napkins. The program is being tested at Burger Kings in Miami.

According to Waste Today magazine, Burger King says its initiative would eliminate 910 metric tons of greenhouse gasses from the environment every year. The company also said it is testing two options for its Whopper wraps. When the new wraps get into circulation, it could mean an additional 500 to 1,500 metric tons of paper waste eliminated annually.

“Sustainable packaging is a cornerstone of our ‘Restaurant Brands for Good’ journey, and this new pilot program represents a huge opportunity for us to make a difference,” Matthew Banton, head of innovation and sustainability at Burger King, told Waste Today. “We’re optimistic about our progress and are committed to reducing waste to do our part in creating a more sustainable future.”

Bravo Burger King!

A final piece of good news: Taco Bell wants to reuse and recycle the eight billion hot sauce packets customers squeeze the spicy stuff out of every year. Taco Bell says it wants to give its packets a “spicier second life that doesn’t involve a landfill.

Recycling sauce packets is a centerpiece of Taco Bell’s goal of making all packaging recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025. 

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